Quick Hit with Agnes Sorensen

“Alting, Altid” by Artigeardit


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“Alting, Altid” by Artigeardit is a great rap and hip hop song to boost your mood. It is a part of the album “LÆNGE LEVE.”

Agnes Sorensen, Staff Writer

“Alting, Altid” is a Danish song by the 26-year-old Danish-Albanian rapper Ardit Aliti, who goes by Artigeardit. 

The translation of the song is “Everything, Always” and the artist’s name means “well behaved Ardit.”

What makes this song so great is its lyrics. They tell about how life changes and you cannot really know how life will end up. Even though you might have a long way forward, time goes by so fast, so you should make a name for yourself.

In the song, Aliti tells about his teenage years. He was always out and about with friends. He sings that he grew up with great people. Life can be difficult but at some point life together, when moving on from the youth, it just takes time.

Aliti started his career by publishing songs on SoundCloud in 2015. He dropped out of high school his senior year to fulfill his music career dreams, though he has since admitted to regretting it. He published his first mashup at age 19. 

This song always boosts my mood. The tempo of the beat increases during the song. Aliti raps during the verse and sings during the chorus. This transition between rapping and singing gives a cool vibe to the song.  

The song is from his latest album in 2023 called “LÆNGE LEVE,” which means “Long live” and reached the Danish hit lists quickly. “Længe Leve” and “Er Her,” featuring KESI, are some of the artist’s popular songs. 

If you like a good rap and hip hop song with a great message about life, this might be the song for you. Even if you do not understand Danish this song has a great beat. 

You can listen to “Alting, Altid” on your favorite music streaming service.