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“Foolish” by Ashanti


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The song “Foolish” by Ashanti is a song about falling in love with someone that is not good for you and not being able to leave. This song is from the album “Ashanti (Deluxe Edition)” and was released in 2002.

Jae Ardoin, Staff Writer

The song “Foolish” by Ashanti is about making mistakes in love and not being about to leave a bad relationship. 

This song is introduced by an asynchronous beat. Ashanti sings about how she keeps on going back to a guy although he does not treat her right. 

Ashanti has fallen in love with a man who treats her badly and she just cannot find the strength to leave him alone, making her feel foolish. 

Ashanti first says “See my days are cold without you, but I’m hurtin’ while I’m with you” to emphasize how down she feels without a guy but then when she is with him she feels even worse. 

The guy that Ashanti is in love with knows the advantages he has over her. He uses nice words to keep his advantage even though his actions are the opposite of what he is saying.

Toward the end of the song Ashanti mentions how when she finally gets the strength to leave him, he tells her that he needs her. Ashanti knows that she is in a vicious cycle of love but she cannot come to full terms with leaving.

“Foolish” is the second track of Ashanti’s album “Ashanti (Deluxe Edition),” released in 2002. The whole album in general talks about love in relationships that Ashanti has experienced. 

Ashanti is known for her feature on Fat Joe’s “What’s Luv?” and Ja Rule’s “Always on Time,” which were both hits of the time. 

You can listen to “Foolish” on Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and Apple Music.