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“I’ll kill you” by Summer Walker ft. Jhene Aiko


Love Renaissance

The song “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker, featuring Jhene Aiko, was released in early October of 2019 and is about loving someone to the point you will do anything for them.

Adebola Adepoju, Staff Writer

The song “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker and featuring Jhene Aiko is about two female singers finding love and doing anything to ensure that no one gets in the way of their happy relationship. 

It is a love song, and the lyrics threaten any girl who comes near their lover. Walker also talks about how she will go to “hell and jail ‘bout you boy,” trying to warn her current boyfriend of the lengths she will take if he cheats on her or wrongs her in any way.

“I’ll Kill You” was released in October of 2019. The beats in this R&B song emphasize the point the two girls are trying to make and it has a captivating beat.

Walker’s career started in early 2015 when she started making music and uploading it to SoundCloud. She was discovered by Love Renaissance, which is an Atlanta-based record label. 

Walker had made many other, less popular songs, but when she made “Girls Need Love Too” with Drake, it really boosted her career. By 2018 when she started getting recognition and is now a well-known singer.

“I’ll Kill You” is Walker’s 15th song on her album “Over it.” 

You can listen to “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker ft. Jhene Aiko on all streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.