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Quick Hit with Madeline Therriault

“Floors” by Abhi the Nomad (Ft. Foster Cazz and King Sadboy)
OK-Tho Records
“Floors,” by Abhi the Nomad, featuring Foster Cazz and King Sadboy details the hurt and sadness that he feels while trapped in a one-sided relationship. The cover conveys Abhi’s confusion as he ponders what the album title asks, “Where Are My Friends.”

Everyone, at some point in their life, has experienced emotional turmoil—the tight and uneasy feeling in your gut is unbearable as you have to make difficult decisions that you would want to turn around and avoid. This is exactly what the main protagonist feels in the song “Floors” by Abhi the Nomad, featuring Foster Cazz and King Sadboy.

“Floors” is the sixth song out of seven on Abhi’s freshman album. Opposite of the catchy and hypnotizing beats that are layered upon the song, the lyrics focus on the protagonist exploring his feelings of disappointment, heartbreak, and the feeling of betrayal as he expresses his turmoil with their lover.

The song sets you up for sadness as it begins with, “My darling sweetheart, I really thought I really loved you,” reflecting on his thoughts towards the beginning of their time together. He begins to come to realize that the lover’s actions do not align with his, which stirs up confusion in the protagonist. 

In the beginning of the song, the instrumental sounds soft and relaxed, but as the listener hears the lyrics, it is as if the instrumental begins to turn tense as the sounds continue to layer on top of one another. In the second verse he belts, “If you’re not by my side, there’s no reason to keep on.” The chorus emphasizes this by using the metaphor of his floors cracking beneath him. 

Abhi the Nomad is an Indian rapper, singer, and songwriter associated with the alternative hip hop music genre. He slowly rose to fame with his early EPs, “Beginning EP,” and “Singles.” 

Influenced by Kanye West, Foo Fighters, and Phantom Planet, Abhi put together “Where Are My Friends,” a college capstone project which he released on Spotify as his first album. He would later release six more albums, including a deluxe version of his album, “Abhi vs The Universe,” which would instantly soar upon its release.

“Where Are My Friends” focuses on the sadness and heartbreak of life behind the scenes. As Abhi releases more albums, the sadness shifts into the path of finding love as his newest album “Abhi vs The Universe Ⅱ” explains in depth. 

“Where Are My Friends” was released on October 14, 2015, and gained popularity due to “Floors.” With over 27,000,000 streams, “Floors” is Abhi’s third most popular song ranked on Spotify. 

You can listen (or cry) to “Floors” on all streaming platforms.

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Madeline Therriault, Staff Writer
11th grade 1st year with The Prowler    I am an active member of the Panther Pride marching band and in the theatre program. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am excited to pursue my interest in journalism. I love going out and watching horror movies and I know almost everything about “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

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