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Quick Hit with Caroline Drez

“Till Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe and FINNEAS
Mom + Pop
“Till Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe and FINNEAS is a song that dives into the feelings of strong, long-lasting relationships. This song is Ashe’s third on her debut album, “Ashlyn,” which was released in May of 2021.

Love goes so much deeper than what is seen on the surface, and it does not just occur in romantic relationships, but also friendships or with family members who are important and deeply rooted in your life.

“Till Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe and FINNEAS was released on March 2, 2021 and is the third song on Ashe’s debut studio “Ashlyn.” The song follows the feelings of how strong relationships can feel, how two people who can be so close that they will stay strong together through thick and thin.

The song was originally by Ashe and Leroy Clampett, who was the producer of her album “Ashlyn.” A few months later FINNEAS collaborated on the song when he heard and related to the lyrics just as deeply as Ashe had. It was after that when he wrote the second verse and added to the chorus. 

On the outside, the song sounds pretty brutal and is talking about sticking together even if the world falls apart. Coincidentally, the song was originally written just days before the COVID-19 lockdown. It was produced almost a year later with Covid still an evident part of everyone’s lives. 

Ashe later explains in an interview how it was crazy how she wrote about something so awful happening to the world and then days later the world was in a global lockdown protecting citizens from a deadly disease.

The song goes from moments of sounding very sad and deep because of how things can fall apart, but it also talks about the beauty found in these strong bonds which can withstand anything, even “if the tide takes California” and “the sky falls from Heaven above.”

The verse focuses on how we are all on our own in the world and not everything is controllable, but together we are not alone and can get through anything. The chorus throughout the whole song hits on how even if the worst things happen and the world starts falling apart you can be thankful that you had such a loving, prosperous relationship and that will never end. 

FINNEAS brings in the second verse taking his side of the story and saying how you should not regret anything and take the best of the moments you have with the person who you love. 

The melodies in this song go from quiet and simple as if you were walking around an old European village to dramatically running with your partner on a mountain while the storm comes rolling in. 

“Till Forever Falls Apart” is a mix of a blues, folk, and pop song that once you listen to you cannot let go of. It started as one song that really impacted one artist but has turned into a song that almost everyone can relate to and longs for to find in their lifetime. 

You can listen to “Till Forever Falls Apart” on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube Music.

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