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“Babydoll” by Dominic Fike
Columbia Records
“Babydoll” by Dominc Fike shows the troubles that Fike goes through when trying to get over a recent breakup. It is a part of the 17-minute album “Don’t Forget About Me,” which was produced by Columbia Records in 2018.

Breakups can be hard, especially when it seems that you just cannot get over it. That was the premise for Dominic Fike’s song “Babydoll” from the album “Don’t Forget About Me.” 

This album showcases singer-songwriter Dominic Fike’s life after a breakup where he is experiencing mental issues and trying to figure out his future. The song “Babydoll” shows how Fike cannot seem to get over his most recent breakup and how he would do a lot for her, even though she does not reciprocate the same feelings for him. 

Fike repeated the lyric, “I can’t move on, babydoll” throughout the song showing just how in love he was with this girl. Fike also wrote, “And I’ll take it all, babydoll. Whatever’s been weighin’ you down” to show how much he loved this girl. He would rather have whatever pain she is going through without her having to go through it. 

Fike lightly goes into his troubled past when he brings up, “’Cause my daddy was a pimp

My mama had her issues but I miss her anyway.” He does not have the best relationship with his family. Fike also wrote, “Please don’t call me for the wrong reasons. We both know exactly what I’m thinkin’” to express how he cannot handle contact with her when they are not together. 

“Babydoll” is the third song on the 17-minute album, “Don’t Forget About Me” which was released on October 16, 2018. Each song on the EP keeps the theme of love, heartbreak, and figuring out the world. This was Fike’s debut album and sold over 40,000 copies. This marked the start of his career where he also signed with Columbia Records.  

You can listen to “Babydoll” on all streaming platforms. 

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