Freshman basketball team ends season strong


MacKenzie Jadick

Johnny Tucker shoots a jump shot against Whitewater. Throughout the season, the team grew and learned to work more efficiently as a team.

Bella Gorman, Staff Writer

The freshman boys basketball team ended their season on January 26 with a loss to Fayette County in the semifinals of the 9th grade tournament.

“As the season went on we got better, and by the end of the year we were playing really well,” head coach Taylor Sweeney said.

The team had a key game at the end of their season. Within the last few seconds of the game, teammates Johnny Tucker and Scott Stevens worked together to shoot a three-pointer to win against Whitewater. Sweeney also said the team had a key loss at the following game against McIntosh, when the opposing team scored at the buzzer to win.

“It shows you that it can go both ways with those last-second shots,” Sweeney said. “You just want to be there at the end and hope that it goes your way.”

The team grew to be more competitive and hard-working throughout the season. After a slow start, the team grew as a whole and players, including Scott Stevens, Johnny Tucker, Logan Inagawa, William Robinson, and Owen Clevenger, stepped up to take a bigger role in their games.

Boys and girls varsity basketball teams end the regular season tonight at home versus Whitewater at 6:00 pm. Senior athletes will be honored after the girls’ game.