JV girls set record with undefeated season


Craig Bardo

JV players pass the ball. JV girls soccer broke a Starr’s Mill record this year going undefeated, 10-0-1. Head coach Mike Meyer predicts this feat will motivate the next year’s team.

Bella Gorman, Staff Writer

The JV girls soccer team ended their season undefeated, 10-0-1. This is a Starr’s Mill record for the JV girls program.

“Every team is going to be different, but it does set a bar,” head coach Mike Meyer said.

The team’s focus this year was to have fun, which created a stress-free environment for the girls to succeed. The team chemistry and enjoyment of the game motivated the girls to have a great season.

“One of the first things I said to them when we went out there was, ‘Girls, why are you playing soccer? Because you like it, right?’” Meyer said. “If you’re not having a good time, why are you out here?”

The biggest area of improvement this season was how the team worked together. Their growth as a team helped them come together and compete at their highest level.

Meyer was most proud of how the team overcame obstacles early in the year by creating bonds with new teammates and adding different personalities and styles of playing.

“These girls were able to take all their different personalities and operate as a team,” Meyer said. 

The goal for the next season is to repeat this level of progress and motivate future teams to perform their best.