Starr’s Mill adding two news sports for 2022


Photo via Flickr (USAG- Humphreys) under Creative Commons license

Flag football player avoids an opponent trying to snag her flag. Starr’s Mill is adding a flag football team and a gymnastics team to its slate of GHSA-sponsored sports.

Cecily Shaber, Editor

Throughout its history, the Mill has experienced immense athletic success, boasting numerous state championship titles in multiple sports. This school year, Starr’s Mill athletics has even more opportunities to succeed, as it has added flag football and gymnastics.

“We’ve been very, very fortunate is the best way of putting it,” athletic director Shane Ratliff said. “I know we’ve averaged three or so [state championships] a year the last three or four years, so I’d say we’re at that 15-20 range.”

Coach Mark Williamson will take over the flag football program as the head coach. He will also have aviation teacher Mike Meyer and a community coach to help out. The season will begin near the end of fall and will run into December.

The beginnings of the new gymnastics team, however, remain slightly uncertain. If the team gets filled, English teacher Whitney Shoemaker will lead it. The program is set to run from the end of winter into early spring.

“Ultimately, we want to be competitive, we want to do well, we always want to have excellence in everything we do, so in starting those new sports, we want to make sure we’re doing well in them as well,” Leonard said. “That opportunity for competition teaches a lot of life lessons about hard work and the value of that.”

As these new programs develop, they will surely be watched closely as they are held to the high athletic expectations at Starr’s Mill.