Nicholas Gillies

Kyle Soto, Staff Writer

“I like teaching because every day there’s something different.”


  • From Oxford, Alabama
  • Graduated from Walter Wellborn High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Science Education from Auburn University
  • Master’s degree from Central Michigan University


  • Teaches College Prep and AP physics

This year Starr’s Mill High School welcomes physics and AP physics teacher Nicholas Gillies. Before coming to the Mill, Gillies worked as a teacher in Henry County and Clayton County at Kendrick Middle School, Luella High School and Locust Grove High School. “It’s been good so far. Been busy, but the start of the year is always busy,” Nicholas Gillies said. “I like teaching because every day there’s something different.”

Gillies first started thinking of becoming a physics teacher while still a student in high school.  “When I was in high school I had a good chemistry and physics teacher. That was the first little idea I had. When I was in college I pretty much knew that was what I was going to do,” Gillies said.

Gillies looks to promote a hands-on experience in his classroom to encourage his students to think independently. “My philosophy would have to be developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Giving [students] the base information but making [them] do something with it,” Gillies said.