Laura Harbin

Karla Paaskesen, Staff Writer

“Success looks different for everyone, and helping my students reach their full potential is the drive that keeps me going each day.”


  • Grew up in Ephesus, Georgia
  • Graduated from Jonesboro High School


  • Bachelor’s of Science from the University of West Georgia
  • Master’s of Education from the University of Central Florida
  • Education specialist degree from the University of Florida


  • Teacher for the TRIAD program
  • Collaborative teacher in geometry

This year, Starrs Mill welcomes Laura Harbin to the staff. Harbin previously taught three years in Florida at Osceola High School, five years at Eagle’s Landing High School and two years at Arnall Middle School.

“I’m so happy to be settled at Starr’s Mill, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” Harbin said.

Harbin began her education studying Hospitality Administration, but her brother, who has Asperger’s, inspired her to enter the teaching field. “I liked the idea of being able to help others with Autism, and I knew I wanted to be involved in the transition aspect,” Harbin said.

Harbin helps her students through the TRIAD program, which is a specialized program that focuses on students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. “TRIAD represents the three areas in which my students struggle the most: the social, communicative and behavioral areas,” Harbin said.

Harbin’s favorite part about teaching are the students, because “they keep me ‘in the know’ about things and they make me laugh,” Harbin said.