Damien Wimes

John Webb, Staff Writer

“I want to give my students the same things good teachers gave me, as well as correct the bad things I have seen teachers do.”


  • Attended Southwest Dekalb High School


  • Attended Morris Brown College and Morehouse College for undergraduate degree in sociology and social welfare
  • Master’s degree in education from Troy University


  • Teaches Geography and U.S. History

This year, Damien Wiems joined the Starr’s Mill High School staff as a new varsity football assistant coach and social studies teacher. Wiems also plans to assist the academic bowl team.

After spending ten years teaching and being the head football coach at Southwest Dekalb High School, Wiems made the transition to the Mill with the hopes of expanding students’ understanding of geography and U.S history.

Wiems has a very optimistic view when it comes to teaching students. He said that he “want[s] to light the candle of interest for a student so they can prosper in the classroom.” Wiems mentors in his free time, applying this philosophy beyond the classroom.

As Wiems works with students and athletes at the Mill.  He also has a special project underway at home, writing an autobiography about his “trials and battles in life,” Wiems said. In five years, he hopes to have finished his autobiography as well as assuming the position of head football coach.