Melissa Beaulieu

Karla Paaskesen, Staff Writer

“I love science and hope to inspire my students to love science and perhaps pursue a career in science,” Beaulieu said.


  • Grew up in Canton, Georgia
  • Graduated from Cherokee High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in biology from Kennesaw State University
  • Master’s degree in secondary science education from Georgia State University


  • Teaches biology and forensics
  • Coaches basketball cheerleading

Starr’s Mill welcomes biology teacher Melissa Beaulieu to the science department. Before teaching at Starr’s Mill, Beaulieu taught three years at Campbell High School in Cobb County, Ga. Beaulieu then decided to take a break and stay home with her kids for eight years but returned to teaching at Cornerstone Prep Academy in Acworth, Ga. in 2011. “We moved to Peachtree City over the summer and I chose to teach at Starr’s Mill because it’s the best,” Beaulieu said.

Beaulieau finds the students at Starr’s Mill very polite. “All of the students here say ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, ma’am’,” Beaulieu said.

Forensic science is Beaulieu’s biggest passion. Her dream job is to be a forensic pathologist. Her family has been in both scientific and educational professions for generations. “Since I now teach forensic science, I’m getting to experience both here at the Starr’s Mill,” Beaulieau said.

Beaulieu likes to keep her students interested in their classwork by allowing them to participate in hands-on activities such as science labs. “I want my students to keep a love for science for the rest of their lives,” Beaulieu said.

Beaulieu is also the new coach for the basketball cheerleading squad this year. She previously coached basketball and competition cheerleading at Campbell High School.