Aaron Buck

Karla Paaskesen, Staff Writer

“We can all make a difference in the world in our way, we just have to find out what that is,” history teacher Aaron Buck said. “My way is to teach social studies and be an active member of the Starr’s Mill community.”   


  • Grew up in Lovejoy, Georgia
  • Graduated from Lovejoy High School


  • Bachelor’s in social science from Clayton State University
  • Master’s in social studies education from Nova Southeastern University


  • Teaches 10th grade World History
  • Coaches junior varsity boys’ soccer

This year Starr’s Mill welcomes Aaron Buck to the social studies department. Being from the area, Buck has observed how great Starr’s Mill has become. “Starr’s Mill has always been considered one of the top institutions in the area and it is a fantastic opportunity,” Buck said.

Buck has previously taught at Lovejoy High School for five years and Newnan High School for ten years.

Buck has known that he wanted to teach social studies since 11th grade. “I had a teacher by the name of Steve Cole, who, after spending a year in his class, I was convinced that I wanted to teach social studies,” Buck said. Buck hopes that his students will end up liking it as much as he does.

“I work hard at trying to make social studies be relevant and interesting,” Buck said. To keep his students interested, Buck tries to get to know all of his students. “It helps me to make a connection with them and it engages them in class,” Buck said.

Buck also coaches JV boys’ soccer. He began playing soccer at age four, and looks forward to using that experience in his coaching as he joins varsity boys soccer coach Mike Hanie. “He [Hanie] was my coach for a year in high school as well as my first year at Clayton State,” Buck said.

You can find Buck in room 846 teaching social studies year round or watch the JV boys soccer team in action next spring in Panther Stadium.