Jennifer Breinig

Amy Orr, Staff Writer

“I thoroughly enjoy the students,” Breinig said. “They are a lot of fun and challenging, but it’s great to see them when they make progress and accomplish something new.”


  • Grew up in Fayetteville, Georgia
  • Graduated from Fayette County High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Point University


  • Paraprofessional in adaptive curriculum specialist Courtney Savage’s class

This year, Starr’s Mill welcomes Jennifer Breinig as a new paraprofessional teacher in Savage’s Community-Based Vocational Instruction class.

Before coming to Starr’s Mill, Breinig taught two years at Crossroad Christian School and two years at Newnan Classical School.

Breinig took a 15-year break from teaching to become a foster parent. She was a foster parent for nine years and fostered 36 children, adopting five of those children. “I specifically fostered special needs children, and the training I had to do fostering helped me prepare to teach these students in this environment,” Breinig said.

After homeschooling her children, she returned to the education field here at the Mill. “I enjoy being around students,” Breinig said. “I enjoy teaching and helping people.”