Christina Carter

Amy Orr, Staff Writer

“I love to help. I like being in the background and helping out when I’m needed.”


  • Originally from New York
  • Graduated from Luella High School


  • Went to the University of West Georgia
  • Degree in early childhood education


  • Collaborative paraprofessional
  • Works with special education department

Starr’s Mill welcomes new collaborative paraprofessional Christina Carter.

Carter works with the special education department as a collaborative paraprofessional, and helps particular students in their classes. She helps out teachers and students wherever she is needed in the school.

“I love [this job] because I’m not just confined to one student or room,” Carter said. “I‘m out and about, and I get to meet all of the different students here. I get to find out how they are and all the different personalities.”

Before coming to Starr’s Mill, Carter worked at Bennett’s Mill as a paraprofessional. Last year, she worked at East Coweta High as a paraprofessional in a special needs class, working one-on-one with a particular student the whole time she was there.

This year, she decided to move her family to Peachtree City and come to work at Starr’s Mill as a collaborative paraprofessional. You can find her in various classes helping as many students as she can.

Carter has experience working with special needs children because two of her children have special needs. Her oldest son has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Carter’s other son has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and behavioral issues.

“I feel like I’m able to understand my students more, and I think I’ve learned more than any textbook can teach me because I have that real experience,” Carter said. “I’m passionate about what I do because I just see them in a different light. I am excited and blessed to have this opportunity to use my personal experiences here at work.”