Rhonda Weatherup

Karla Paaskesen, Staff Writer

“When I get a geometry concept and [the students] see I got it, and they come to me for help, I think I can do math.”


  • Grew up in Fayetteville, Georgia
  • Graduated from Fayette County High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in English from Georgia State University


  • Special education teacher in geometry
  • Special education teacher in English at Whitewater High School

Starr’s Mill welcomes Rhonda Weatherup to the Panther family. The Mill recently recruited Weatherup from Whitewater High School. Weatherup works as the collaborative special education English teacher at Whitewater and a collaborative special education geometry teacher at the Mill.

Weatherup previously worked at Callaway High School in LaGrange, Ga., and Fayette County High School. When her daughter entered high school at Whitewater she decided to seek employment there. This year, Weatherup splits her time between Whitewater and Emily Woodward’s and Michelle Genovese’s geometry classes here at Starr’s Mill.

“The lady who is charge of special education in the county said that we needed more help at Starr’s Mill, and we had extra help at Whitewater so she moved half of me here, and they said you are going to be in geometry, and I went ‘oh wow this should be interesting,’ but I love it,” Weatherup said.

Weatherup finds it important to get to know her students and her fellow teachers, and she really enjoys getting to do so. “I had this preconceived notion that Starr’s Mill people thought they were better than everybody else, but Starr’s Mill is a phenomenal school. The kids are great and friendly, and I am happy to come to work everyday,” Weatherup said.

Weatherup would like to pass the saying “Never say never” on to her students. “Look at me, I am an English teacher working in a geometry class,” Weatherup said.