Steve Henderson

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

“Success is a choice. The door of opportunity opens everyday for students, all a student has to do is step through. Different people define success different ways, but if you walk through the door the opportunity is there.”


  • Grew up in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Graduated from South Cobb High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in political science at University of Maryland
  • Master’s degree in education from  LaGrange College


  • Teaches world geography and world history

Starr’s Mill welcomes new social studies teacher Steve Henderson. Before his teaching career, Henderson served 21 years in the United States Navy. After serving, Henderson taught at Sandy Creek High for 13 years. Henderson has been teaching in the field of social studies since he started teaching. Last year at Sandy Creek, he taught world history and AP government.

Starr’s Mill is the second high school Henderson has taught in as a social studies teacher.

Last year was Henderson’s retirement year teaching at Sandy Creek High. However, Henderson came to Starr’s Mill to fill the spot for the social studies department only for the second semester.

Although Henderson will only be teaching at the Mill for the second half of the school year, he is enjoying “diving into teaching heaven,” Henderson said. He also enjoys teaching at Starr’s Mill because discipline is not an issue here.

“Sure students here could be talkative, but [being] talkative, responding, redirecting that’s great, [and] they do very well. [Starr’s Mill has] a great student body and a great staff,” Henderson said.