Dr. Bonnie Stanford

Caylee Cicero, Staff Writer

“When it comes to teaching, I want to inspire my students to dream bigger than they ever thought was possible.”


  • Grew up in Henry County
  • Graduated from Stockbridge High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in arts and political science from the University of Georgia
  • Master’s degree in educational administration and policy from West Georgia
  • Doctorate in philosophy, curriculum and pedagogy from Mercer University


  • Teaches 9th grade English and 12th grade British Literature

New to the Mill this year is English Teacher Dr. Bonnie Stanford. Dr. Stanford has been teaching middle school and high school students for the past seventeen years. She’s taught at Lovejoy High School, Jonesboro High School, and Pike County Middle School and High School. She currently lives in Pike County, though her trek to Starr’s Mill isn’t too far.

Dr. Stanford is teaching both 9th grade English and 12th grade British Literature this year. She previously taught social studies and English classes.

When it comes to teaching, Dr. Stanford believes that teachers should put their students first. “In high school, I had a teacher who was really good at getting us engaged in what we were doing,” Stanford said. “Instead of it just being for a class, it was for life.”

In her free time, Dr. Stanford enjoys running, reading, and playing outside with her children. Sharing her love of reading, thinking, and learning is the reason why she decided to become a teacher. Dr. Stanford’s favorite part of teaching is “the moment you can tell when a student really gets it,” Stanford said.

So far, Dr. Stanford has in enjoyed her brief time at Starr’s Mill. She says that the Mill “feels like a family already.”