Jason Flowers

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Jason Flowers

Ian Fertig, Staff Writer

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“Being a teacher or an administrator is a calling and not a job. It is for those who will strive for the best in themselves and others. It takes full commitment of your heart, mind, and soul to be successful.”


  • Lived in Waleska, Ga. and Stone Mountain, Ga.
  • Graduated from Stone Mountain High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in religion philosophy at Emory University
  • Master’s degree in education leadership at Kennesaw State University
  • Specialist degree in curriculum from Lincoln Memorial University


  • Teaches U.S. history
  • Co-sponsors the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy at Starr’s Mill

As the newest U.S. history teacher at the Mill, Jason Flowers has enjoyed his first few weeks working with his students. “There just seems to be a culture of excellence here,” Flowers said.

Flowers and his family moved to the Starr’s Mill area so that his wife could be closer to her work. Before becoming a teacher, Flowers worked full time in youth ministry and later as a car salesman.

From a young age, Flowers knew he enjoyed teaching others. “Growing up, it just felt like I was always in that coaching and teaching position, even with my peers,” Flowers said. “I loved  doing well in what I was doing, but I also loved helping others reach their potential.”

In his approach to teaching, Flowers places the educational and academic development of his students first. Those in his classes state that Flowers is always finding ways to engage with and interest his students while teaching history. “Students should want to be in class,” Flowers said. “There absolutely needs to be an organized system of doing things, but at the same time, if there’s so much of that to the point where it’s stagnant, boring, or too restrictive, then that doesn’t allow students to be themselves.”

Flowers is interested in helping students in his own classes as well as students in other U.S. history classes successfully learn the material. “If any student needs help in the subject area, then I’m certainly available for that,” Flowers said.

Students looking to learn some history can find Flowers in room 860, near the attendance office.

“My whole goal in teaching is to create a classroom or an environment where students want to be there,” Flowers said. “Hopefully, in it, [they] will learn more than they would if they’re just suffering through it or don’t want to be there.”