Adriah Williams

Ashley Irizarry, Staff Writer

“Don’t let anyone squash or trample your dreams before trying to see them through yourself.”


  • Grew up in the Seventh Ward of New Orleans, La.


  • Bachelor’s degree in science from Northwestern State University
  • Concentration in nutrition at Northwestern State University
  • Minor in culinary arts and biology at Northwestern State University


  • Teaches early child education, nutrition and wellness, food for life, food science, and culinary arts

This year, Starr’s Mill gives a warm welcome to Adriah Williams, a new teacher with a passion for food and nutrition. Surrounded by rich culture in her home city of New Orleans, Williams decided to pursue a career that was close to home.

After interning as a registered dietician, she immediately dove into a position as a substitute teacher at the middle and high school levels. When transitioning into a high school position, she said that, in comparison to middle school, “there is a big difference in the depth of knowledge. I like teaching more rigorous classes.” Williams has been teaching food and nutrition courses for nine years.

Because Williams attended a rigorous high school herself, she can see the same bright light of opportunity in Starr’s Mill. “Kids in the other schools I’ve been to didn’t have as many opportunities as they do here,” Williams said. She wants both her children and students to have the same chances that she had as a teenager.

Since becoming a Panther, her favorite parts of Starr’s Mill have been the supportive administration and the freedom she has in planning periods. Williams is happy to be given the time to plan awesome work for her students. She also enjoys the supportive emails she gets from parents. “Communication is important,” Williams said.

As far as what motivates Williams to get up every morning and teach at Starr’s Mill, her answer was simple, “My love for what I teach,” Williams said. “Food is essential. It’s part of everyday life. It’s personal to me.”