Gay Straight Alliance

Abri Hausman, Features co-Editor


  • Spreading awareness about various LGBTQ+ issues to fellow students
  • Creating a support system for students in the LGBTQ+ community
  • Unifying students in the school and LGBTQ+ community


  • Meets every first and third Friday of each month in room 723
  • Open to anyone enrolled in the school


  • Brandon Kendall

The Gay-Straight Alliance club is a gathering place meant for students to create a support network of LGBTQ+ community and allows fellow peers to inform the community of issues, rare identities, and accepting religious aspects. “Allies need to be educated and they need to be like able to understand how to best support people in the community,” Madi Hynson said.

The general structure of the club is fairly casual where the members lead discussions on topics that interest them. “[Hynson and Abigail Mapel] are trying to break up the lectures into different topics about different identities within the community which will include different experiences, and overall will give everyone there a platform to elaborate on their own experiences,” Mapel said.

The GSA is planning on going to the Atlanta Pride Parade as an unofficial field trip Oct. 13-15. For the members that are not able to attend, the Starr’s Mill GSA club will be teaming up with the Whitewater GSA club to host a pride parade in Peachtree City.

To join, students need only attend the meetings in Brandon Kendall’s room 723  in the morning on the first and third Friday of each month.

“Every meeting is something that I think all the members look forward to,” Mapel said.