Technology club

Liza Eubanks, Staff Writer


  • Establish a relaxing environment for students to share ideas about technology
  • Create a flexible, social environment in which students can find others with similar interests


  • Meetings are held every other Wednesday
  • 15-20 members, fluctuates throughout the year


  • Jonathan Winkjer

Technology club is a social club that was created ten years ago by engineering teacher Jonathan Winkjer. “The idea was to find out what people enjoyed about technology and to have a group to do it,” Winkjer said.

This club is quite different from other clubs at the Mill because it is a very flexible, social group. There are no club dues or officers, and attendance is not required. Winkjer realized that many students have demanding schedules and did not want that to stop them from coming to meetings when they could.

A typical meeting starts with Winkjer sharing something with the students followed by a discussion. However, students often come in with their own technology related ideas to share with the others. This year the club has been very interested in robotics.

Technology club opens its doors to any student with an interest in technology.