Ecology club

Sophia Bender, Staff Writer


  • To promote the protection of the environment and recycling at Starr’s Mill


  • Meeting times vary and are decided by students in the club
  • The club is open to every student


  • Sponsor: Robin Huggins

Chemistry teacher Robin Huggins has been sponsor of Starr’s Mill’s ecology club since it was started in the 2010-2011 school year. It was first created to create a plastic recycling program for the school because “until a group of students decided that there were too many plastic bottles going into the trash, we didn’t have plastic recycling at all here,” Huggins said. Another major project completed by the club was the installation of a water bottle filling station in the rotunda.

Now that the club has been running successfully for the past several years, it is searching for other projects to work on.

One project the club is considering is taking on paper recycling for the school. “Until this school year, the entrepreneurship class was responsible for picking up the paper recycling, and that’s no longer being done,” Huggins said. Ecology club wants to bring this practice back to the Mill and look into beginning other projects.  

Ecology club is student-run. Students decide when meetings are as well as what projects they would like to focus on. This makes for “a fairly informal club,” Huggins said. There are no requirements or dues for the club. To join, students simply need to come to meetings and express a desire to promote environmental sustainability.