Fine arts department

Ximena Bejarano, Features co-Editor


  • Provide students with a break from their core academic classes and explore creative pursuits
  • Foster artistic and imaginative expression among students


  • Six pathways: band, chorus, dance, orchestra, theater arts, and visual arts
  • 18 courses offered
  • Department chair: Scott King

While Starr’s Mill is well known for its athletic program and academic excellence, it also holds considerable talent within its artistically inclined students. The fine arts department at the Mill prides itself in providing students with an outlet to creatively express themselves.

With the exception of audition-only courses, every student at the Mill has the opportunity to take fine arts courses that will fulfill elective requirements. Numerous classes in different areas of fine arts, such as band and chorus, are available for students to take at multiple levels.

The courses offered in the fine arts department expose students to an interactive style of learning that allows them to sharpen their skills in their area of interest while having an enjoyable time. “All of the classes are essentially ‘lab’ classes—the students not only must know the material, but they also have to demonstrate that they know it,” King said. “These classes’ expectations are rigorous but also designed to be fun.”

The benefits of becoming involved in fine arts at the Mill go beyond improving one’s musical or artistic abilities. Being in a fine arts program also “gives students a sense of belonging,” King said. “They can excel in their chosen field and have like-minded students supporting them.”