Multicultural club

Sophia Bender, Staff Writer


  • Assist students in the learning and understanding of cultures from around the world


  • Meets every Tuesday after school in Sean Hickey’s classroom
  • Students can join at any time by attending meetings and participating in group activities

Officers and Sponsor

  • Sponsor: Sean Hickey
  • President: senior Chau Luu
  • Vice president: junior Saijleen Chawla
  • Treasurer: senior Ximena Bejarano
  • Secretary: sophomore Lily Murphy
  • Historian: sophomore Hannah Mekonnen

Ten years ago, psychology teacher Sean Hickey took over sponsoring the multicultural club at Starr’s Mill. His role as sponsor is to encourage and assist students to be curious about the different cultures from all around the world. With meetings every Tuesday in his classroom, there is no shortage of information to be learned.

Every week is different in multicultural club since the students get to choose what they study and how they present it to their classmates. “Last week, we did a women’s history month culturally across the planet and this week we celebrated festivals that are similar to St. Patrick’s Day,” Hickey said. The club’s focus is constantly shifting to accommodate different cultures. “It really depends on the interest of the members,” Hickey said.

As is the nature of the club, anyone can join. “We are happy to have all students from all backgrounds participate,” Hickey said. The club currently has members with backgrounds from every continent and are eager for even more diversity. Students interested can join simply by attending meetings.