German club

Ian Fertig, Staff Writer


  • To celebrate and recognize German culture
  • To reinforce lessons from the classroom


  • Meetings held once a month in Antonela Kljajic’s room
  • Open to all students


  • German teacher Antonela Kljajic

German Club is dedicated to teaching students at Starr’s Mill about German lifestyle, food, and culture while giving them a place to comfortably interact and practice speaking German. This club is open to any and all students interested in German, even if they are not taking German class.

Club sponsor Antonela Kljajic oversees the activities during the monthly meetings. “I make sure that we are staying to a schedule, that we are meeting once a month like we’re supposed to,” Kljajic said.

At club meetings, students are able to learn about celebrations and activities found in Germany. This includes a meeting dedicated to Oktoberfest, as well as an annual chocolate meeting where members taste different chocolates from across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

“I know that everybody complains about your generation being on their phone too much, but I feel like if you offer opportunities where students can socialize, I found that — at least in my classes and in German club — they want to talk to each other,” Kljajic said.