Math department

Abri Hausman, Features co-Editor


  • Teach students a fundamental understanding of mathematics
  • Prepare students for the Milestones


  • 13 math teachers
  • Three pathways
  • Three AP math classes
  • Department chair: Emily Willis

Since math class is a core subject, students need four math credits to graduate. Students must take the Georgia Milestones for Algebra, Geometry, and Accelerated Geometry B and Algebra 2.

On the regular path of mathematics, students need at least four math credits to graduate. This normally includes Algebra 1, Analytic Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus or Statistics. The goal is to set up students to be able to take Calculus, one of the most common math classes required for college.

“I hope that they when they leave here they will find that when they go to college they are as successful or more successful than the people around them by the foundation they got here at Starr’s Mill,” Willis said.

There are two accelerated math pathways in the department. One pathway allows the students who were in accelerated math in middle school to continue by learning the last half of 10th grade math and all of 11th grade while a freshman. These students can then decide to take AP Statistics or continue onto Pre-Calculus as a sophomore.

The second pathway is where the students who took the regular middle school math classes, the first year would be all of 9th grade math and half of 10th grade math. Some students choose to take two math classes during their sophomore year by taking AP Statistics and half of 10th grade math and all of 11th grade math.  

Both of these pathways lead into Pre-Calculus as a junior and then a decision to take either AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC. AP Calculus BC incorporates all the curriculum of AP Calculus AB and more advanced curriculum.

“Whether [the students] necessarily like mathematics or not I hope that they will find it an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience,” Willis said.