Social studies department

Blythe Terry, A&E co-Editor


  • Explore subjects pertaining to social studies including history, geography, economics, government, and psychology
  • Prepare for AP and Milestone testing


  • College prep and Advanced Placement courses
  • Department sponsors activities outside of class
  • 12 teachers
  • Department chair: Susan King

Social studies is a nuanced academic subject, and teaching it isn’t always easy. Department chair Susan King spoke on teaching social studies: “In the information age, [teachers are] trying to sort through information and find what is actually legitimate.” This is complicated by the fact that many social studies subjects, particularly history, can be up to interpretation. However, because the subject isn’t so cut and dry, it fosters student curiosity and involvement.

At Starr’s Mill, students can become involved in the discipline in a variety of ways. Active clubs this year include History Club, in which students are planning history-inspired trips as well as assembling History Bowl teams to compete at the state level. “We also have a few students moving onto the next level of GHP [in social studies],” King said. The department also sponsors Multicultural Club and both the Young Democrats and Teen Republicans.

The social studies teachers at Starr’s Mill are a tight-knit, unique group of people. “We are your typical dysfunctional family,” King said. “We get on each other’s nerves a lot but we also absolutely adore each other.”