Octagon club

Claire Goins, Staff Writer


  • Focuses on charity and good works
  • Spreads joy and optimism throughout the school and community
  • Create a passion for serving others


  • Any students and faculty can join or volunteer
  • The club meets monthly, typically on Wednesday mornings, in room 817


  • Sean Hickey

The Octagon Club is a student-run organization that does service projects over the course of the school year. The club’s most recent event was the Easter egg hunt, which they paired with the Optimist Club of Peachtree City and the Fire Department to promote and organize.

Other events have included a holiday food drive, Christmas present drive, volunteering at the Bloom Closet, and pairing with other service clubs, both adult and student-run, to help the needy of Fayette County.

“It isn’t like some clubs that have mandatory hours or attendance; we’re happy to have anyone come whenever they are available… and we encourage members to invite friends and family to our service projects,” club president Connor Holt said.

The largest focus of the club is incorporating all students into volunteer projects that reach beyond their usual activities throughout the community. Unlike other clubs, there are no hour or service requirements, and students are welcome to participate even if they are not official members.

“Octagon Club primarily focuses on charity and good works,” Hickey said.