Claire Goins, Staff Writer


  • Provides an opportunity for students to organize and execute events throughout the school and community
  • Members collaborate on a class level and gain experience acting within a business setting


  • Members are students in the entrepreneurship classes
  • Meetings take place during these class periods


  • Jeffrey Klein

Product Resource International, or PRISM, provides students with an opportunity to get involved in business and entrepreneurship-related activities throughout the school year. The majority of its members plan on doing something within the large sphere of business as a career in the future.

“PRISM is fun because you can go off campus and get hands-on experience in the business world, and you’re in communication with actual businesses in the community,” club member Sara Hensley said.

The annual golf tournament on March 27 was the latest event headed by PRISM, which members spent time planning since January. The Business Plan Challenge begins in late April, where students will have the opportunity to present new business ideas for Fayette County to a panel of administrators and receive hypothetical investments. Other events have been dodgeball and spikeball tournaments.

By having the chance to plan and run events, interact with local business people, and work together with like-minded peers, members learn what it really means and takes to be a leader in any occupation.

“The class and club have real world application lessons, so they’re very helpful,” Hensley said.