Sign language club

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Sign language club

Luke Bennett, Staff Writer

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  • Share sign language with people who are interested in sign language or unable to take the American Sign Language class


  • Meetings are every Monday afternoon
  • Open to all students


  • Sign language interpreter Christine Chatham

The Starr’s Mill sign language club is an opportunity for those who have a passion for sign language to learn more about communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing. Many of the students in the club are those that are taking the American Sign Language class at Starr’s Mill.

The club is also an opportunity for those who are unable to take the American Sign Language class at Starr’s Mill to learn sign language. This makes it easier for people who want to learn the language but are unable. The club’s goal is to share sign language with all who are interested.

“My favorite part [of the club], is watching deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students interact with each other using sign language,” the sponsor for the club Christine Chatham said.

Both the club and the teacher-taught class learn sign language. However, the club has a different structure as it is student-run and it is not a traditional classroom setting. Every Monday the students meet, learn new vocabulary words, play games using sign language, and interact with the deaf students around the school.

Students are also encouraged to pursue sign language outside the school. They are encouraged to attend deaf community socials that the club sets up to learn more about the deaf community. The club also meets during the first Saturday of every month at Starbucks to socialize more than just at the club.

“The purpose of the sign language club is to share sign language with anyone who is interested,” Chatham said

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