HERO club

Emma Posey, Staff Writer


  • Raise awareness and money for children affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn how to plan and carry out fundraisers


  • Dues are $25 and include a club t-shirt
  • Meetings vary depending on club activities

Officers and Sponsor

  • President: senior Jackson O’Neal
  • Vice president: senior Jessica Tomasello
  • Secretary: senior Abby Smith
  • Treasurer: junior Gracen O’Neal
  • Sponsor: Nancy Close

HERO Club’s mission is to raise awareness and money for children with HIV and AIDS. This club has chapters all across Georgia and they work to create quality-of-life care for 12,000 children in Georgia. While spreading awareness about the growing problem of pediatric AIDs, over 2,000 students across the state of Georgia have joined the cause and are helping out and standing up help those afflicted with childhood HIV/AIDS.

During the fall semester final exams, the club held a fundraiser with each class and gave football tickets to the winning class. The group has raised about $450 to donate to the University of Georgia’s chapter of HERO. The organization then uses these funds to hold camps and seminars for the children that are part of the group.

“Seeing everyone come together to help a bigger cause is my favorite part,” Close said.

Students in Starr’s Mill chapter are able to learn valuable leadership and role model skills while helping a worthy cause and raising awareness for a pressing issue that is plaguing the state of Georgia today. Creating fundraisers for this club helps members grow as a team while assisting children in need.