Dr. Toyin Mafe


Katie Linkner

Toyin Mafe teaches her chemistry class about significant figures. Mafe joins the Starr’s Mill staff after previously teaching at Riverdale High School.

Emily Davis, Staff Writer


  • Born in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Graduated from Holy Child College, one of the top high schools in Lagos
  • Grew up in Nigeria until she was about 17 and then moved to England
  • Has two siblings, one works in catering and culinary arts while the other teaches elementary school


  • Advanced Levels in high school, England’s highest secondary school level
  • Bachelor’s degree specializing in biochemistry and pharmacology
  • Master’s degree in biochemical pharmacology
  • Ph.D in chemistry and biopharmacy


  • Teaches college prep chemistry and AP chemistry

Starr’s Mill welcomes new chemistry teacher, Toyin Mafe, who comes from Nigeria and brings plenty of world knowledge to the classroom. At first, when Mafe was little, she wanted to be a doctor as she had relatives who pursued that career. Originally, Mafe didn’t want anything to do with chemistry, but the “bottom line” and defining moment for her was having a great teacher that changed that all.

This teacher, along with being caring, always being there to help, and teaching Mafe diligence, had such a love for chemistry that it affected Mafe. Because of such an influencing mentor, Mafe absorbed a new love for this science and is now sharing it with others.

Mafe’s goal is to see students thrive. She likes to watch them succeed in whatever they do and Mafe wants to be a part of it. “I believe that I have something to offer, something to put on the table because of my research background,” Mafe said.

Aside from Mafe’s impressive backstory and career, she is quite the adventurer. Over the summer she traveled to Switzerland, England, Nigeria, and before that had even gone to Morocco. “[Travel] isn’t just a hobby, it’s something that I love passionately,” Mafe said. Along with her traveling passions, somethings Mafe has always wanted to do are go bungee jumping and fly a plane, wanting perhaps to fly to the Caribbean.

Mafe never thought she would be able to convey the knowledge that she knows so well to students but after attempting she realized otherwise. “You never know until you’ve tried it,” Mafe said.