Terence Fitzgerald


Katie Linkner

Terrence Fitzgerald (right) helps a student on an English assignment. “If my students don’t leave my English class feeling tired, I’m not doing something right,” Fitzgerald said.

Saijleen Chawla, Staff Writer


  • Participated in speech and debate in high school
  • Mother’s side is from Hawaii
  • Graduated from Starr’s Mill High School in 2008


  • Attended Georgia State University
  • Bachelor degree in film
  • Bachelor degree in English
  • Masters in the art of teaching from Clayton State University


  • Speech and debate coach
  • 12th Grade English Literature teacher

The Mill welcomes English teacher Terence Fitzgerald back to the hallways he once walked as a student. Along with teaching English literature, he is the successor to English teacher Brandon Kendall and psychology teacher Sean Hickey as the speech and debate team coach.

Fitzgerald believes that the best part of speech and debate is traveling to different schools and discussing politically-charged topics. When he was in high school, he participated in Lincoln Douglas debate and original oratory. He competed at the national tournament in humorous interpretation.

Fitzgerald hopes that he can create more exposure to “political discourse” as he believes students at Starr’s Mill have a lack of it due to how accessible most resources are here. “Studies show that students need to be more politically active,” Fitzgerald said.

One thing Fitzgerald finds interesting about Fayette County is how most residents migrated here, creating a large variety of people. “We have this great community from all parts of the United States,” Fitzgerald said.