Spotlight On…

Rosann Patterson

Agnes Sorensen, Staff Writer


  • Bachelor’s degree in art education from Wright State University 
  • Master’s degree in art education and teaching from the University of Dayton 


  • Support students in the Triad Program


  • Taught visual arts in Ohio for more than 20 years
  • Has worked with a variety of learners from kindergarten through adulthood
  • Majority of her experience has been in middle school

Starr’s Mill is proud to welcome Rosann Patterson to the special education department. Patterson joins the Panther family after previously working at Rising Star Middle School.

“I don’t want to over step and do too much for [the students],” Patterson said. “I want them to take the initiative.” 

After teaching in Ohio, Patterson came to Peachtree City and worked at Rising Star Middle School. This year, she moved to Starr’s Mill to assist Laura Harbin with the Triad Program.

According to Patterson, students should be independent, but if they are struggling she will step in to help them. “I support students every period of the day,” Patterson said. 

Patterson had a high school teacher that had an influence on her later in life when he helped her with her master’s degree. 

Patterson appreciates the Georgia weather and no hard winters like Ohio, where she grew up. She also enjoys the multi-purpose paths provided around Peachtree City. In her free time, she likes to bike, walk, sew, and paint.