Spotlight On…

Dr. Scott Bailey

Adaleigh Weber, Staff Writer


  • Undergraduate degree in mathematics from Cornell University
  • Ph.D. in math from North Western University
  • Earned a postdoc in mathematics from the University of Rochester


  • Teaches algebra II, algebra II support, and geometry
  • Head coach of the JV girls volleyball team


  • Professor for 10 years at Clayton State university
  • Itinerant math teacher 

Starr’s Mill welcomes Scott Bailey after he spent his previous teaching career as a college professor and long-term substitute teacher.

Although Bailey was a professor for 10 years, he decided he wanted to switch to teaching high school level math. 

“It just turned out that it was not for me, so I came here and was hired by Fayette County as an itinerant teacher,” Bailey said. “I was based at Fayette County High School, and I would cover as a long-term sub for math courses that the other subs couldn’t cover, like calculus.”

Bailey emphasizes the importance of a teacher being a role model for students.

“In short, my teaching philosophy is to make math relevant to all students without hiding content in shortcuts or magic formulas,” Bailey said.

The catalyst for Bailey wanting to become a teacher was his experiences as a student. 

“My AP Calculus teacher Mr. Schwartz worked with us. He even came to our houses for review sessions,” Bailey said. “I just had really good teachers who were like that, who were really influential to me. I thought it was really cool that I had all this knowledge that I really want to share with people.”

In his free time, Bailey likes watching sports, playing video games, and working out. He also occasionally partakes in karaoke.