Spotlight On…

Lindsay Blythe

Michael Carrillo, Staff Writer


  • Bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Georgia
  • Master’s degree in secondary education from the University of Georgia


  • Special education teacher
  • Learning specialist in math classes


  • Previously a stay-at-home for 15 years

Starr’s Mill welcomes special education teacher Lindsay Blythe to the Panther family. She is a learning specialist in math classes. 

“I love to teach the kids that struggle with learning math, because math comes very naturally to me,” Blythe said. 

Lindsay Blythe was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years. Once her youngest son moved up to middle school, she made the choice to enter the classroom. 

“Now’s a really great time to go back to school, and get my degree in teaching,” Blythe said.

She has three boys, a seventh grader, a ninth grader, and an eleventh grader. They love to travel together, and enjoy the Bahamas the most.