Spotlight On…

Austin Enriquez

Ella Bissonnette, Staff Writer


  • Graduated from Starr’s Mill High School in 2007
  • Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of West Alabama


  • Teaches environmental science
  • Teaches biology


  • Has been teaching for nine years
  • Taught at Newnan High School

There’s no place like home. Science teacher and Starr’s Mill alumnus Austin Enriquez has returned to the Panther family.

Enriquez credits two current staff members with helping him pursue his goals after graduating from Starr’s Mill in 2007.

“[Mrs. Rock encouraged] my academia and going through and pursuing a degree in biology,” Enriquez said. “Coach Walker really pushed me in track and cross country, which is what got me my scholarship to go to school.”

Enriquez has learned to be flexible with his students, assisting them when they need extra help or time.

“Weirdly enough, I enjoy when a student struggles and then comes out of that struggle on top of the knowledge,” Enriquez said.

Enriquez did not go to school to be a teacher. “This one just kind of happened,” Enriquez said. Enriquez had to go through an alternate program to become certified.

Outside of school, Enriquez enjoys food, watching movies, and staying home.