Dr. David Klein

Brooke Duckworth, Staff writer

“I get to really improve these people’s lives and I get to pass on my passion to them. I grow myself, so this is a win-win situation.”


  • From Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Attended Enterprise High School


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Alabama
  • Master of Fine Arts from University of Pittsburgh
  • PhD in Theatre from Florida State University


  • Teaches drama classes
  • Plans and directs musicals and plays
  • Sponsors thespian conference


Starr’s Mill welcomes drama teacher Dr. David Klein. Dr. Klein filled the position of former drama teacher David Spearman. Before Klein started at Starr’s Mill he was acting and teaching at the University of Louisiana.

Although he has just started directing at the Mill, Klein has experience teaching at the college level as well. “I have a passion for passing on the thing I love doing to younger generations,” Klein said. However, Klein’s decision to teach at the high school level it was a shock for him.

“At first I was kind of terrified of it, but after awhile I was like this is kind of neat because these kids need the attention of an adult who encourages them to be themselves,” Klein said.

Klein has a vision for the drama department. He is working hard to raise the drama department to a level where they are challenged but it is still enjoyable.

“I’m wanting to expand some things,” Klein said.  “Right now, the spring musical is really the big thing that’s done, but I want us to do more and I want us to get recognition beyond Starr’s Mill.”