Kimberly Henkel

Valen Yeager, Staff Writer

“My mission is to keep all of the students of Starr’s Mill safe.”



  • From Fayetteville, Georgia
  • Attended Fayette County High School


  • Watches over the school in case of a situation
  • Conducts safety searches for the school


  • Received training from Clayton Regional Law Enforcement Academy and Georgia Public Safety Training Center
  • Currently working toward a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Southern New Hampshire University  


This is Henkel’s third year as Starr’s Mill’s resource officer. Henkel, alongside parking lot attendant Jeff Holmes, is responsible for routinely conducting safety checks around the school twice a day. Although her job doesn’t involve working with students directly in a classroom setting, she is regularly involved with the student body.

“I love the kids,” Henkel said. “They crack me up and always keep me on my toes.”

Henkel earns the trust of students through her work, and in return, she finds herself understanding new outlooks on how students think. “Talking to students helps me bring it all back in perspective and learn something new,” she said.

Henkel cares about the wellbeing of all of her students and ensures their security at all times. “It’s all about safety,” she said.  

She sees herself staying at the Mill and continuing to be a prominent figure in protecting the school. Defending the students is her top priority and she plans to stay here as the resource officer for part of her career.