Zach Mann

JC Talbott, Staff writer

“I love teaching eager students what I enjoy learning myself.”



  • Born in Conyers, Georgia
  • Attended Salem High School for two years
  • Graduated from Whitewater High School


  • Master’s and bachelor’s degree in business administration from Shorter University


  • Collaborates with Jeffrey Klein on how to teach the introduction to business class
  • Teaches legal environment 4th period and a two hour introduction to business class during 5th and 6th period
  • Serves as the assistant coach for the varsity baseball and football team


Starr’s Mill proudly welcomes Zach Mann to its staff this semester. Mann will teach the intro to business and legal environment courses as a full-time teacher for the first time. He transferred to Starr’s Mill from Whitewater, where he worked as a paraprofessional.

Before accepting his first job at Whitewater, Mann graduated from Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. Mann also played five years of football at Shorter University, and he said that he looks to bring that experience to coach the Starr’s Mill varsity baseball and football team.

Mann finished the first semester of the 2015-16 school year teaching at Whitewater as an alumnus. “When I discovered Starr’s Mill had an opening for a full-time teacher, I didn’t hesitate to accept the job,” Mann said. Mann was eager to land a full-time teaching job, and Starr’s Mill was the first to offer one.

Mann has been teaching at the Mill for only two weeks, yet he has settled into his job nicely. “I love the students and the people around here,” Mann said, “The teachers are great and I hope to meet them all.”