Judy Dillon

Abri Hausman, Staff Writer

“I’ve been on the other side as a parent, but it’s been really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes.”


  • Originally from Louisiana
  • Lived in Texas for 20 years
  • Came to the Fayetteville 10 years ago


  • Bachelor’s degree in office administration from Louisiana Tech University


  • Issues disciplinary action
  • Assists the principals in distributing progress reports and report cards to students
  • Works on projects with the 504 and special education students


Starr’s Mill welcomes assistant principal’s secretary Judy Dillon for her first year at the Mill.  Previously, Dillon worked at a large international law firm for 18 years. She often traveled for work, but when she had children, she decided to stay home to care for them.   

Now that her son is at the University of Georgia and her daughter Caroline Dillon is a junior at the Mill, Dillon decided to return to work. “I just had time, so I thought I’d go back to work and do something productive with my day,” Dillon said.  

Dillon loves working here because there is something new to do everyday. Dillon describes her new workplace as a “fluid environment.” She loves the ever-changing tasks and plans to keep working here for years to come.

“I have so much fun working here because there is just so much to do,” Dillon said.