Laurie Davis

JC Talbott, Staff writer

“Once I’m settled in, I hope to help out with extracurricular activities such as HOSA.”



  • Originally from Walker County, Alabama
  • Graduated from Cordova High School
  • Worked as a nurse in the Air Force


  • Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing


  • Teaches Essentials of Healthcare 4th period
  • Teaches Intro to Healthcare as a block period during 5th and 6th periods


After three years of working as a nurse in the Air Force, Laurie Davis began her teaching career at Starr’s Mill. “I already love the job,” Davis said. “I can tell the kids will keep things interesting.”

Before accepting her first teaching job, Davis graduated from Auburn University with a nursing degree. One year fresh out of college, she joined the military. After three years in the Air Force, Davis moved from Florida to Georgia, where she found a job opening at the Mill.

Davis is currently working towards obtaining a health teacher certificate while teaching Essentials of Healthcare and Intro to Healthcare classes. “I think the job’s a perfect fit for me,” Davis said. “I’m interested in the classes, and the best part of it is the students are into it too.”