Rob Bell


Annika Pepper

Bell talks with junior Kolby Smith. Bell joins Starr’s Mill staff after 16 years of teaching in Fayette County.

Caroline Hubbard, Staff Writer


  • Engineering teacher
  • Technology Student Association sponsor


  • Graduated from Saint Francis University with a degree in education
  • Got his masters in math through Walden University 
  • Got his construction technology specialist at the University of West Georgia


  • Grew up outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

From a Sandy Creek Patriot to a Panther, the Mill welcomes Rob Bell. Bell replaces Jonathan Winkjer as the engineering teacher and will sponsor the newly created Technology Student Association. 

“Every summer in my high school and college years, I counseled at a summer camp, and I realized that was my true calling,” Bell said.

He has taught in Fayette County 16 years and thinks students might be surprised to know that he has worked with almost all of the teachers at Starr’s Mill throughout his years working in the school district.

The drive and the bond that Bell shares with his students are two components that Bell likes about working at Starr’s Mill. Bell thinks the reason the students like him is because he is strict but fair.

“The students [here] are very driven towards their educational goals,” Bell said.

In his free time, Bell enjoys camping and being outdoors as being close to nature is something he values. Bell enjoys doing these activities with his wife and three children. or even a quote that flows after it. Bell also enjoys riding motorcycles and going scuba diving. On his honeymoon, he and his wife went scuba diving in Aruba where he discovered his love for it.