Nate Enloe


McKenzie Tucker

Nate Enloe is making his place at Starr’s Mill through coaching football and assisting in classrooms. He values making personal relationships with his students, and uses his spare time to have a good relationship with his family.

Abi Carter, Staff Writer

Nate Enloe found residence at Starr’s Mill after previous work as a firefighter and paramedic for 10 years. Due to a knee injury and five surgeries, Enloe landed in education. 

“Being able to get into education, once I got out of the fire department, was ideal,” Enloe said.

Enloe grew up in Fayette County and attended Fayette County High School. He has lived here since 1983. Currently, Enloe is finishing his degree in interdisciplinary studies to continue coaching and be involved in education. 

“I’ve always wanted to coach,” Enloe said. “I love coaching football.”

Enloe enjoys building trust and good relationships with students above all else. He believes high school is an impressionable time for young men and women, and educational bonds are important. 

“I think for you to be a good influence and to be there for them, that’s priceless,” Enloe said. 

He values being genuine to all students and student athletes, for being a teacher is not just about instruction. Despite being busy throughout football season, Enloe uses his spare time to be there for his family. Living in Senoia, they visit restaurants often.