Tony Kluemper


Annika Pepper

Tony Kluemper is the new Algebra teacher at Starr’s Mill. Kluemper values making an impact on his students and making sure they know he is always there for them.

Elizabeth Carrico, Staff Writer


  • Originally from Southern Indiana 
  • Grew up in Western Kentucky


  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Georgia Tech
  • Master’s degree in secondary education

Interesting facts

  • Wife was on “Jeopardy” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”
  • Daughter is a freshman at Starr’s Mill

Starr’s Mill welcomes Algebra teacher Tony Kluemper.  Kluemper transferred from Sandy Creek High School in Tyrone and has been teaching for 13 years.

Kluemper was inspired to be a teacher by his high school math teacher, who he had for three of his four years in high school. He worked in the engineering field before deciding to teach.

“My biggest motivation to teach is just to have an impact on kids,” Kluemper said. “Beyond the math, having them know I’m there for them if they ever need me [is what I’m here for].” 

Beyond teaching Algebra, Kluemper wants kids to learn how to be problem solvers and how to be critical thinkers. Kluemper also insists that Georgia Tech is the best college in the state. 

When Kluemper isn’t teaching he enjoys hiking and being a lacrosse dad.