Bettina Zeeb


Annika Pepper

Bettina Zeeb has joined the Starr’s Mill family as a new member in the attendance office. Throughout her daughter’s scholastic career, Zeeb volunteered and was actively involved in the school environment.

Abi Carter, Features Editor

  • Lived in Germany until 2000
  • Worked at a publishing house in Germany
  • Was an extra in many films at Pinewood
  • Was in PTO at Rising Starr Middle School

Bettina Zeeb works in the attendance office at Starr’s Mill after a history of volunteering. A previous stay-at-home mom, Zeeb decided to put the time on her hands to good use. She started volunteering December 2018, and landed a permanent position when the job opened. 

“There was always a part of me that wanted something for myself,” Zeeb said. 

Zeeb tends to travel everywhere. With family in Germany, she often takes trips out of the country. She treats her daughter, Lana Zeeb, with trips to Germany’s neighboring countries. Lana is a junior at Starr’s Mill and the reason for Zeeb’s new job. 

“Everything that has had to do with kids, I’ve always loved it,” Zeeb said. “I enjoy the interaction.”

Outside of Starr’s Mill, Zeeb enjoys working out, yoga, time with friends, and cooking German or Belgian food. She is also a protective mom over her dog, Lexie, and enjoys spending time with other members of her family.