John Steiner


Courtesy of John Steiner

Starr’s Mill is proud to welcome wrestling head coach, and psychology, economics, and world history teacher John Steiner. Steiner joins the Panther family after teaching at McIntosh High School the previous two years.

Caroline Hubbard, Editor-in-Chief


  • Bachelor of Science in Education in comprehensive social studies from Shippensburg University


  • Teaches psychology, economics, and world history
  • Coaches varsity wrestling


  • Two years teaching at McIntosh High School
  • 13 years teaching at Luella Middle School in Henry County
  • Previously taught in North Carolina and Pennsylvania

Starr’s Mill is proud to welcome John Steiner after he spent the last two years at McIntosh High School.

Among other things, Steiner says one of his favorite parts of being at Starr’s Mill is being around his two children, freshman Catherine Steiner and sophomore Nicholas Steiner.

“So far I have enjoyed the teachers and students who have welcomed me to the Mill,” Steiner said.

Steiner emphasizes the importance of building relationships and rapport with the students. He stresses the importance of work ethic, study habits, time management, prioritizing assignments, and balancing extracurricular activities.

I think this is effective because developing relationships and rapport helps build trust with the students and helps with classroom management,” Steiner said. “It helps the students understand that I am here to help them be successful, and I am not out to get them.”

In his free time, Steiner enjoys spending time with family, watching sports, reading, and traveling.