Math Department

Valen Yeager, Staff writer


  • To better the students understanding in math
  • To prepare students for higher level thinking


  • 13 teachers in the department
  • Three AP classes offered
  • Emily Willis is the department chair

Teachers and classes offered

  • Derek Abrams: Algebra and Algebra Support.
  • John Bowen: Analytic Geometry and Advanced Math Decision Making
  • JB Campbell: Accelerated Precalculus and  AP Calculus BC
  • Denise Fuller: Credit Recovery, Analytic Geometry and Advanced Algebra
  • Heather McNally: Advanced Algebra Support, Advanced Algebra and Accelerated Algebra/Advanced Algebra
  • Vicki Morgan: Accelerated Analytic Geometry/ Advanced Algebra, Advanced Algebra and AP Statistics
  • Kristin Peavyhouse: Accelerated Algebra/Analytic Geometry, Analytic Geometry Support, and Precalculus
  • Catherine Remkes: AP Computer Science, Analytic Geometry and Advanced Algebra
  • Karla Schaeffer: Algebra Support and Algebra
  • Julie Spencer: Advanced Algebra Support, Precalculus and Advanced Math Decision Making
  • Emily Willis: Precalculus and AP Calculus AB
  • Wendy Willoughby: Analytic Geometry Support, Credit Recovery, and Accelerated Analytic Geometry/ Advanced Algebra
  • Emily Woodward: Advanced Algebra and Analytic Geometry

“Our goal is to effectively teach mathematics to students and to help them be as successful as possible in the classroom,” Willis said.

As a core subject, students need four math credits to graduate. Students must also take Georgia Milestone assessments their freshman and sophomore years for their mathematics courses. Depending upon the type of math student, several routes to the required graduation credits are available, including AP classes.

Currently, three AP classes exist for students to prepare themselves for the next level of math. These include AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC.

Willis teaches the AP Calculus AB class and  has been department chair for 13 ½ years. “My favorite part of my job is watching students see different levels of math coming together,” Willis said.